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  • Different sideboxes in "advanced" theme uses same user-object
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I've noticed, that these sideboxes:

  • login
  • subscribe to mailing
  • recommend site

share same user object for data validation and processing.

I'm proposing to assign "special" to each of sideboxes so data don't get mixed, like <inp2:u.login .../> ; <inp2:u.subscriber .../> and <inp2:u.recommend .../>.

Now error will be raised, that there is no ID in request for mentioned above Specials. Now we need to change UsersEventHandler::getPassedID method to return current user's id for these specials.

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  1. I also found the case, when I  hit enter on the left login box on
    platform/login/register page (with empty fields or wrong login): there's
    also the standard warning raising on main page on top of registration form.
    May it's not related?

    2011/8/8 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  2. I've noticed, that when you haven't filled "e-mail" on registration form,
    then error is shown on both:

       - registration form
       - one of sideboxes on the left

  3. same thing if you enter a wrong login/password

    2011/8/8 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  4. Here is a example, when forgot password and recommend forms share error
    message. Found on In-Portal 5.1.2

  5. Task:

    INP-895 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    Ready for testing.

  6. Great approach to this issue.

    This has been tested!


  7. Those fixes should work as expected for sure, but i see them as a pretty
    much wrong way of doing it (adding new additional fields and so on) cause
    it wont resolve the problem for other similar cases (other prefixes etc).
    Sadly to admit, but we still use non-ajax forms. If we wont do so i would
    recommend fixing this problem just by sending form id along with the form
    data and back again with response. In such way we could have this
    problem eliminated and configs left clean, with no additional fields.

  8. Thanks for feedback Nikita,

    Agreed that Ajax forms are okay to use, but are totally different animal.
    Alex has introduced much more advanced functionality in 5.2.0 for this.


    Best regards,

    Dmitry A.

  9. Nikita, we actually do send form ID (name) along with form data to the
    server right now (in 5.2.0+).

  10. reading Ajax make me dreaming... because this is mainly what In-Portal is
    missing actualy, either on front or back-end, to compete with other CMS...
    just a thought ^^

    2011/10/27 Alexander Obuhovich <>