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  • [advanced] Fatal on Shopping Cart page [5.2.0-B1]
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I am testing/working with In-Portal 5.2.x branch (5.2.0-B1 - not release yet) and came across some issue with Shopping Cart in Advanced theme.

There was some refactoring done to In-Commerce module to introduce some new great functionality. Now while testing the Advanced theme I came across some Fatal error after adding a test Product to my cart and going to the
shopping cart.

See it here -

I didn't reopen any specific task since not quite sure which one it belongs to, but I think it's clearly part of In-Commerce or Refactoring part of In-Portal so we might just commit the fix (once ready) it as part of it since this has not been released anywhere yet.

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  1. It were PHP change made in

    MINC-81 - Getting issue details... STATUS


    I'll commit patch right away.