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  • [in-link] Automatic link approval/denial based on reciprocal link status
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In-Link module has "l:OnProcessReciprocalLinks" event, that will approve/decline link automatically based on fact, that reciprocal link is found on website, mentioned in Url field of link being checked.

There are 2 problems with it:

  1. it's never used (and never was used since creation)
  2. variables $id_field and $table_name are used before they are created resulting SQL error, when called

Any ideas?


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1 Comment

  1. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for picking up these issues

    The answer is following - it's been a custom code that has migrated into
    In-Link module so it won't get lost. It's been used in a few projects on
    it's own (probably corrected there).

    Here is task for this patch:

    *1182: Automatic Link Approval/Denial based on Reciprocal Link status*

    MINL-12 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    Patch has been applied and tested, please commit into 5.2.0