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  • [in-commerce] Gift Certificate Sender Email Sent to Recipient [5.2.0-B2]
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tested on v520b2:

  • create a gift certificate, with recipient email
  • activate certificate and click on "send email"
  • 2 emails are sent to recipient: expected one (you've received a gift) and sender's one (your gift have been sent)

Maybe it's time to explain in details how it works, because I wonder why we can't set gift's sender email, and I'd like to know if gifts could be bought directly from front, as a product.

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  1. Gift sender e-mail is admin of website of course, because you only can
    create them in admin.

    Maybe you've got 2 e-mails because your e-mail is also set as website
    e-mail and you also specified it in recipient e-mail field.

  2. - my e-mail isn't admin's one, I tested it on beta website, without changing admin email
    - sender is admin email, but the problem isn't here: in default install, recipient also receive admin email that confirm gift have been sent


  3. I don't really use these gift certificates to know what user should get

  4. ok, in a clearer form:
    email event USER.GIFTCERTIFICATE with admin type is sent to user, instead of admin, while it's correctly setup as admin message in Settings tab.


  5. I see now.

    The code, which decided what to send was buggy. Same e-mail was supplied to
    both admin and user e-mail events.
    Before 5.2.0 any supplied recipient for admin e-mail event was ignored. But
    in 5.2.0 we fixed this and bug appeared.

    That would be easy enough to fix.

  6. good news :)


  7. I ping you guys, as I can't create a task about in-commerce stuff.
  8. Here is the task:  

    MINC-98 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    Ready for testing.