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  • [in-commerce] Product Changes Not Saved [5.2.0-B2]
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Hi guys,

this is maybe an error in code, tested in 520b2, logged in as root:

  • create a product, save it
  • reopen the product, perform changes, and save
  • changes from General and Custom tabs are not saved

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MINC-97 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Are the changes from other tabs saved?

    Does this happen to other category items, like links too?

  2. yes, other tabs works fine. I could have said that other tabs are ok indeed :)


  3. Hi Alex,

    Do you experience the same issue in your Local 5.2.0-RC1 (almost) version?


  4. Still happening. But you need to immediately click Save after making change
    on General tab.

  5. Well guess what - 2 more things to know:

    1. It doesn't save ANY field on ANY tab when I tested - for Products, but
    works for other Category Items

    2. This is already happening starting 5.2.0-B1

    Definitively should be fixed before final 5.2.0 release.


  6. I see, that there is no task for this discussion. Could you please create
    On Jun 9, 2012 8:14 AM, "Dmitry A." <> wrote:

  7. New task created for this issue:

    *1310: Product isn't Saving on Update - *

    MINC-97 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  8. Here are the patches, ready for testing.

    Actually also private messages and category items images also were having
    problems during saving.

  9. Can I test this patch on online latest beta version?


  10. Nope, since patch was applied to upcoming 5.2.0-RC1 version, which isn't
    yet released.