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  • [cms] Possibility of having 2 urls to a single page [5.3.0-B1]
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In Incorrect section/category physical template detection discussion I've talked about physical and virtual sections and fact, that 2 urls exists to a single physical section.

At first this might not seem a big problem, especially if across a theme "use_section" parameter of m_Link tag is used, which forces url from "Structure & Data" section to be used. However if user manually guesses url to a TPL file, which is behind "Structure & Data" section url, then page will be shown too.

If google spider guess that url, then website could be banned because 2 different urls result in showing same page at all times.

I propose to automatically redirect (with 301 Moved Permanently http code) visitor to page url equivalent from "Structure & Data" section and put a notice into "System Log". This way developers would know that somebody still accesses old page url. And using HTTP_REFERER header they would know exactly who that might be.

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  1. using 301 is a professional way to do so, +1.


  2. Hi Alex,

    Let's do this, but add I vote to setting to enable/disable this redirect -
    at least for now to see how it will workout in real live.

    What do you think?


  3. OK.

    Here is a task:

    INP-1185 - Getting issue details... STATUS