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Since of PHP 5.4 there is feature, which allows developer to determine real-time upload information of currently uploaded file:

Before that we were forced to use flash uploader (as we actually do it now) or use Perl scripts, since Perl always was having this feature.

Nevertheless I still think that we should use upload library like to manage our uploads because it can display upload progress even if you don't have Flash installed. Also it's been actively developing to support all latest browsers versions.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    I have completed a quick review as well as some tests of proposed Upload
    script. To be honest - I can't say I am very impressed by it. Yes, they
    support not only Flash as we do, but also HTML5 and some other things
    (Yahoo, Google Gears), but in my opinion it's still too early to switch
    just because of this.

    I can't say that our Flash uploader is terrible - it's not. Yes, it might
    have a few bugs, but I never saw a single user complain that he has no
    Flash installed on his PC or MAC.

    That being said - I believe we should stay where we are now and keep our
    options/eyes opens to see how PL Upload or other scripts evolve and grow.In
    other words, I see no immediate need to replace our Flash uploader - do you?



  2. Dmitry, Alex,

    I would like to share my experience on websites I'm running for years. I have a very wide audience, and I'm not running "tech-oriented" websites.
    I was wondering why users wasn't uploading photos, and I've installed a video recording script, to see what users are doing.

    I've discovered that yes, there are really more than you think users who don't have Flash. I wasn't believing that before seeing it.
    Let me give figures on one website only, for past 3 months, for users without Flash:
    - 5,1% because they run iOS
    - 2,79% under Safari (OsX)
    - 1,20% under Windows
    - 0,44% Android
    - 0,20% Blackberry
    + minor other browsers, such as Nokia, Windows Phone...

    Total 9,82% don't have it ! Hopefully I'm not having so many visits from mobile phones...

    With the booming of mobile users (smartphone + tablets), and the willing from Apple to quit Flash, it doesn't seem wise to "stay where we are", we'd just loose time and user's interest... And knowing HTML5 fast move (because all tablets will have it), it seems to me a must-have to support native uploads features.



  3. Maybe nobody here knows, that SWFUpload script, which we used as a base for
    our upload script was just an experiment from a College student to test if
    he can make Flash upload files. Nothing more.
    That student was very surprised that his script (that haven't then been
    developed at all) gained such big popularity.

    That other script is more like a complete upload solution, that is being
    actively developed and have fallbacks for all kinds of situations. Even if
    you don't have anything at all installed it can use regular upload
    control internally in a hidden iframe and still display nice upload
    progress bar to user.

    About immediate replace - maybe no, but since we don't have real user
    feedback from every website that uses our flash uploader (I
    don't believe that users of websites that we create for our customers would
    contact us back directly or through a customer to tell that their upload
    has failed for some reason), then it's same like finding a black cat in
    dark room. You can't find it until somebody will shed some lite on you :)

  4. Thank you both for your input on this.

    I agree we could do better than we have now. Let's keep track of how that
    Script evolves and consider switching at any convenient for us moment.


  5. I just wanted to add here that we have recently came across nice HTML5 Uploader capabilities.

    I'll post a link here for a reference -



  6. Signing each post is no longer required here at Confluence. It made much more sense, when we using Google Groups before. (wink)

  7. According to using SWFUpload also puts In-Portal installations at risk because of well known security vulnerabilities. Since project is long abandoned, then the only reasonable solution would be upgrade to PLUpload, as others have done. 

  8. Hi guys,

    just a note about the fact I'm waiting to wipe out SWFupload in favor of PLupload for exactly 3 years and 1 month...

    I don't think our CMS can be seen as a serious player when using such old technology, where front-end theme don't use HTML5. And using a dead software isn't serious.

    So I fully agree with Alex.


    1. Here is an imported version of Google Group discussion, that Phil Banks mentioned: Image Handling in Forms.

  9. Alex what are limitations with HTML4? Our Admin is not HTML5 based as we know.


  10. Short answer:

    If an Administrator don't have Flash installed, then this isn't a major issue I think, since it's like having JavaScript disabled in hopes that everything still will work. But for Front-End, which is using HTML5 we have absolutely no problems in uploading.

    Long answer:

    Dmitry Andrejev [Intechnic], why you're asking me about HTML4 limitations and at same time attaching a comparison table, that would answer to that?

    Anyway as per my knowledge:

    • Gears - was a technology, available in Google Chrome only, that was dropped
    • Silverlight - Microsoft developed upload/download control, that works only in IE and isn't installed by default
    • BrowserPlus - download/upload control developed by Yahoo, that isn't installed by default

    So we end up really with only Flash, HTML5, HTML4. And I must agree with Dmitry, that we're bound to using one or another Flash-based upload system, while in Admin Console (or a theme, that is on HTML4).

    However Plupload is nicely abstracting underlying system usage the way, that you don't need to change you JavaScript code if you switch from one system to another (e.g. when user don't have Flash installed it will fallback to HTML4 uploads. Even if "upload progress" reporting isn't supported in HTML4, but through working "multipart upload" (webkit and gecko browsers only) we can sort of emulate it by uploading file in 100KB parts for example.

  11. if we decide to use PLupload, we don't need to decide which technology to use for uploads, because the main interest of this software is to manage graceful degradation.

    Don't think anymore about Flash/HTML5/whatever, just communicate with PLupload and all will work using the best possible technology on client browser. Last but not least, it also works on mobiles, thanks to HTML5, where Flash will never work (wink)