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There are lots of bug tracker systems out there. The issue tracking
software we use right now is called Mantis.

We use it because it is:

   - open source
   - written in php (=we can extend our selves)
   - we used it before

After using it for a while I've found that these things in particular
doesn't make me any happier while using it and even slow down whole process:

   1. list of tasks (50 tasks per page) opens slowly and when you apply
   search filter to it, then it becomes even slower;
   2. complete page reload after form submit;
   3. no ajax at all and if you had made an error on a page you need to
   reload whole page again;
   4. random, but frequent, "invalid form security token" errors on bug
   reporting resulting in loss of all data entered on bug reporting page;
   5. all data displayed on task detail page (e.g. change lists, history,
   comments, related tasks) no matter if I need it or not and slow downs page
   load time;
   6. doesn't search through attached file content (or filename) and
   therefore not possible to find a task based on attached patch contents;
   7. advanced filters are very hard to use: always need to open search
   div, which is very large and close it to be able to see tasks;
   8. task advanced search interface is too complicated to use quickly
   (e.g. versions of different projects are mixed together in dropdowns and
   sorted in random order);
   9. opposite button placement in task list: search button in left corner
   of the page and search reset button in right corner of a page, which makes
   it hard to use on 22'' monitor;
   10. no (or not very useful) graphs - no way to see how issues are
   evolving (e.g. rate of new bugs comparing to bug fixing);
   11. no reports at all - you just enter and fix tasks and don't see
   evolution of tasks per project;
   12. no shortcuts - can't use shortcuts (as Mac users do) to access
   common feature from any place in a system (I use them a lot in PhpStorm);
   13. limited custom field creation possibilities (e.g. if you need
   dropdown, then option value always matches option title);
   14. old UI, which doesn't user full power of current browsers;
   15. plugin system, that prevents plugin from altering system behavior as
   16. useless e-mail notifications, since ALL task content is sent in each
   e-mail and you need to read whole e-mail to get idea what's changed;
   17. no activity feed, where all actions, that happened from last user
   visit are displayed;
   18. fixed set of fields on all form (e.g. bug reporting, bug editing).
   this way you see field all the time, even if you don't need it on a project;
   19. due fixed set of fields on a forms you need to report bug using one
   form and then go edit bug and change 1 field because it was absent on bug
   reporting form;
   20. no field inline edting - if there is a need to only change 1 field,
   then you need to edit whole bug and risk getting nasty "... security token
   ..." error for unknown reason and nothing gets saved;
   21. strange 2 second redirects between form submits - after bug add/edit
   you see "you will be redirected after 2 second" message and you either need
   to wait 2 seconds or need to click on a shown link;
   22. absolutely non-usable user selector and when you either need to
   assign a task to different user or change user, who reported it you're
   faced with 100 of community registered users (only nicknames) and no way to
   search as you type;
   23. when sending task to testing I type same phrase each time "Will test
   all together later" and no way to save it as draft and use by default as
   comment during task testing;
   24. unknown logic behind input escaping results html entered in task
   fields/comments to be displayed as is instead of being properly escaped.
   25. need to type [url] ... [/url] around each link to make it clickable
   26. in some cases there is a button, like "close", which changes task
   status, but in all other cases I need to choose next task status from
   dropdown and click button next to it; this not only allows me to escape
   task workflow, but only adds 2 extra clicks to a process;

I can write like this forever. I've used Mantis a lot already to know the
worst sides of it.

Best Regards,