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  • [in-commerce] Cart Quantity Change Prevent Checkout [5.2.0]
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Hi guys,

while playing with 520, I just found this problem:

  1. add a tangible product to cart
  2. add the same product again (quantity change to 2) OR instead of adding another product, when in cart, change quantity and update cart
  3. click on "proceed to checkout", you are redirected back to cart instead of billing/shipping step, with "Warning: Items quantites and/or order types in you cart have been updated. Please review the changes below before proceeding." message

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  1. Hi Phil,

    I assume it was clean 5.2.0 installation?


  2. Hi Dmitry,
    yes, this was a clean 520 install.


  3. I've been able to reproduce on clean install.

    Here is the task:

    MINC-103 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    Ready for testing.