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  • Check all Sub-Item Edit templates and place Prev/Next buttons on them
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There was NO discussion created for this OLD task. I created this one so everyone can see what's included in 5.1.2 done and participate in tests for these patches of course.

Original task is about making Sub-Items Editing Interfaces more user friendly when user desires to update more them one sub-item at a time. This is not critical, but quite useful when it comes to editing multiple records.



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  1. Hi Dmitry,

    this is a good point. Does we could use the nearly same mechanics to have a
    previous/next buttons when viewing items in a category, on front-end?


    2011/1/3 Dmitry A. <>

  2. This is completely different on Front-end.

    When in Admin you select what to edit, but you don't select anything when on
    Front-end. Prev/Next will just show prev/next item available based on
    default sorting of category item list.

  3. ok, I'll create another thread then, thanks for details.

    2011/1/4 Alexander Obuhovich <>