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  • [debugger] Add "Toggle DB Queries" link in debugger [5.3.0-B1]
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Debugger is a tool, that allows to collects following information for each visited page:

  • all errors/warnings/notices
  • database queries
  • profiling results
  • much more

However when it comes to finding an error in debugger report it's a pretty hard to do, because of lots of database queries.

I propose to add "Toggle DB Queries" link in debugger (on top), which will add/remove "db-queries-hidden" class from outer debugger div.

But to make ti work we need to:

  1. mark all database-query rows with special "db-query" css class
  2. add following CSS to debugger.css: .db-queries-hidden .db-query { display: none; }

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  1. Maybe we need to make it more customizable, by adding a filter dropdown on top of debugger with following options:

    • all
    • error
    • warning
    • notice
    • sql
    • other

    This way we can easily see only info of specific type without need to change anything in /system/debug.php file and page reload.

  2. This is a really good idea! How many times I've scrolled and needed to read all lines to find where's the error... I can't understand how I didn't proposed it myself (smile)

  3. Yes, I support both ideas Alex.

    Please create a new task in Icebox

  4. After using this functionality for a while I've found that filtering between error/warning/notice doesn't seem particularly useful. This is because it doesn't matter much to developer what kind of error this is, but it matters to be able quickly see if there were any errors at all and which are they.

    That's why I propose to combine "error/warning/notice" filters into a single filter. We can simply call it "error".

  5. Yes, this makes sense what Alex described.

    Let's combine them together as proposed.

    1. I've already updated associated task with implementation details for Erik Snarski [Intechnic].