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  • [In-Bulletin] Vote on front-end not working [5.2.1-RC1]
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In Advanced theme, voting in Polls (part of In-Bulletin module) not working.

Debugger shows following error in the code below:

The getObject parameter must be Array, not string.

Notice: Argument 1 passed to kEvent::getObject() must be an array, string given, called in .../modules/in-bulletin/units/polls/poll_eh.php on line 109 and defined in .../core/kernel/utility/event.php on line 272

function OnMakeVote($event)
	$object = $event->getObject($this->Application->GetVar('poll_id'));

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1 Comment

  1. Erik Snarski [Intechnic], following can be done to improve quality of bug report:

    • use "code" macro:
      1. type "{"
      2. type "code"
      3. press ENTER
      4. configure macro by setting correct programming language and other parameters of interest
      5. put code inside the macro
    • replacing environment-specific parts from file path with "..." (e.g. I've replaced path to your In-Portal installation "/home/sites/dev/web/SVN/5.2.x" with "..." because actual path doesn't really provide any useful info)
    • using monospaced font