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  • [in-link, in-commerce] Doubtful data integrity rules in some DB-selected options fields [5.2.1-RC1]
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Problem in fields, entered in adm.console

  1. Paid Listings -> ListingTypeId
  2. Affiliates -> AffiliatePlanId
  3. Affiliates -> PaymentType

When no records in options source table (Listing Types, Affiliate Plans), there may be empty value in the problem field. When there are some records in options source table, then empty value becomes impossible, but such a values may exist in the old records, created before optons source was updated.

Maybe, empty values must be allowed in all cases.

Maybe, empty values must be automatically filled when options source gets first record.

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  1. I think, that mentioned fields must be made required since records created without them won't work at the end on Front-End.

    1. Yes, I agree I think we better of have them required.

      Let's have this task created for Icebox or so.