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  • [In-Commerce] Missing Shipping e-mail in Guest-created order [5.2.1-RC1]
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Advanced theme. On the "Shipping Information" form only BillingEmail field is entered. No ability to enter ShippingEmail field value on front end by Guest user, but ShippingEmail value is required to send e-mail on Ship inventory action in adm.console. And without it order can't change status to "Processed".

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  1. Erik Snarski [Intechnic], is ShippingEmail field visible to logged-in user, but not Guest (during checkout)?

    1. Interesting... Erik Snarski [Intechnic] please investigate on this when you have a moment and let us know about this.

  2. I've also noticed, that billing/shipping e-mail isn't saved along with address user enters. Maybe this is done to prevent same e-mail being used as billing and as shipping in case if on billing step user chooses to use same address, as used on shipping step.

    Also it might be a good idea to put user's own e-mail into billing/shipping e-mail fields when no filled initially.

  3. The problem was in fact, that the "BillingEmail" field was shown instead of "ShippingEmail" field on the "Shipping" step of the Checkout. This is solved in [in-commerce] Wrong field name for "E-Mail" field on front-end shipping step [5.2.2-B1] discussion.