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  • [emails] Move 'Email Queue' tab to 'Email Log' section [5.3.0-B1]
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Right now queued emails are listed under "User Management -> Mailings" section (see image below).

Such location was chosen, because currently the only e-mail, that can be queued for later sending are ones, that are generated in "Mailings" section when from a mailing is created and all subscribed users are getting individual e-mails.

However with  INP-1223 - Getting issue details... STATUS  task implemented this no longer seems ideal location, since we we'll have all emails sent asynchronously by default and better place would be to display it under "E-mail Log" section (see image below)

This way if you need to figure out if a particular e-mail was sent out you going to visit "E-mail Log" section and if no e-mail listed there then "E-mail Queue" section is just one click away to show you all the needed details.

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