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  • [cms] No child-section indicator in catalog [5.2.1-RC1]
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In  INP-1255 - Getting issue details... STATUS  we've introduced simplified permission system in catalog, that would allow to immediately see pages/sections, that are being created without a need for complete section cache rebuild, as it was before. However, as a downside (and there are several, but not easily noticeable) of it I now see missing "+" icon next in section tree next to sections, that have sub-sections in them (see image):

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  1. Yes, this is a bug. Please fine a new task / bug for In-Portal 5.2.1 release.

  2. The importance of this bugfix has just been increased, because it happens each time during theme scan. When "simple" interface preset is enabled, then user don't see "Tools" button in toolbar in catalog that allows him/her to do category cache rebuild that would fix value of "CachedDescendantQty" column.