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  • [url processing] Enabling mod-rewrite by default [5.3.0-B1]
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In-Portal have 2 modes of url building:

I recommend turning mod-rewrite mode on by default.

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  1. Yes, I fully agree here Alex, but it should be done for Projects installation right?

    1. Not specifically. I'm talking about regular In-Portal installations. Yes, projects can benefit from that too.

      1. If we don't really care about Windows installers - I see no issues with this. Or may be enabled it/check it by default ONLY if it's non-Windows install if possible to detect.

        1. Considering PHP itself will drop (if not already) support for Windows I nee no further benefits in supporting Windows installations by In-Portal.

          1. Ok, Agreed - please proceed with creating the task for this - 5.3.0?