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  • [url processing] Unify domain processing code (including SSL)
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Url building code was revised in recent In-Portal versions, but there is no limit to perfection.

I've recently noticed, that code, that builds http:// (unsecure) urls and one, that builds https:// (secure) urls looks very different. In particular for http:// links we're taking current domain and appending other part urls to it. However for https:// links we have domain+relative_path stored in system setting and we're using them.

To improve situation and make this less confusing to administrator I propose to:

  1. replace SSL Url in system settings and site domain configuration with SSL Domain
  2. allow to build links to abstract domains by giving actual domain to kApplication::BaseURL method, that is used in link building

As a positive side effect of this refactoring it will be easier to implement CDN (content delivery network) support in In-Portal, where user uploaded content is served from CDN instead of main website.

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