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  • [emails] The "COMMON.FOOTER" event is present on Clean Install [5.2.1-RC1]
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In  INP-402 - Getting issue details... STATUS  task we've introduced "E-mail designs" functionality where developer can create a single e-mail design (header+body+footer) to be used for all e-mails. This functionality made COMMON.FOOTER e-mail template useless and we removed it during upgrade.

However it appears, that we've forgot to remove COMMON.FOOTER e-mail template from EmailTemplates table for clean installs of In-Portal. Because this e-mail template has no body it raises validation error when attempting to edit it.


  1. confirm, that "COMMON.FOOTER" e-mail template is still present in In-Portal 5.2.x branch
  2. install In-Portal 5.2.0 version (there "COMMON.FOOTER" event was used)
  3. enter some custom data into "COMMON.FOOTER" event
  4. perform upgrade to to In-Portal 5.2.x and verify, that: data was migrated, but event wasn't deleted
  5. add SQL to the "upgrades.sql" file, that would delete "COMMON.FOOTER" event (if data was migrated correctly in above tests)
  6. if data wasn't migrated correctly, then do it new upgrade script to the 5.2.x version
  7. remove "COMMON.FOOTER" event from "install_data.sql" file as well

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1 Comment

  1. Need to:

    1. install version of In-Portal that is using COMMON.FOOTER template (see version number in associated task)
    2. change contents of COMMON.FOOTER template to verify that after upgrade content is still there
    3. perform an upgrade to latest version (5.2.1-RC1)
    4. verify that content of COMMON.FOOTER template was migrated to the e-mail template design under Regional section, but COMMON.FOOTER template is still present
    5. write upgrade sql to delete COMMON.FOOTER template
    6. repeat the process to see if all is ok